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Over the last 30 years Quattro have built up an excellent reputation as one of the UK’s leading suppliers and fitters of rubber matting. As we import most of our products from abroad in large quantities we can offer a very competitive price to our customers but we also work with our manufacturers to provide the best quality mats available. Our main market is the Equine and Agricultural world. Safety, hygiene & animal welfare are our main priority as most of our mats give comfort & slip resistance.

We also specialise in decorative rubber products for gyms and play areas with our products fitted we can guarantee a practical, hard wearing and attractive surface. At Quattro we are continually expanding our range of products therefore we are able to offer the best products for our customers needs. We also have ‘In House Fitters’ that fit our rubber products nationwide.

We hope that you find the information in our website useful,

For further information and prices please contact our sales team on 01768 864 977

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