Contact Adhesive 5L

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Contact Adhesive 5L is a very high strength adhesive designed to give an excellent bond strength on a wide variety of materials. Ideal for medium to large area coverage with a quick tack time.

  • Very high strength
  • Bonds to a huge variety of surfaces
  • Easy to use
  • Fast curing

Applications include: domestic, automotive & marine, carpet & upholstery fixture, vinyl flooring fixture. Contact Adhesive 5L can be used on metal, leather, concrete, stone, cork, plastics, wood and much more. Bonds are flexible, tough and permanent.

Ensure surfaces to be bonded are free from oil, grease and dust. Using a spreader or brush, apply a thin film onto both surfaces. Allow the adhesive to dry for 10-15 minutes, align the two surfaces carefully then press them together, working from the centre to the edge. Clamping isn’t necessary.

Full bond is achieved in 24 hours.

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