Covertect PC Floor Coating

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Covertect PC Floor coating is a flexible but highly abrasion resistant polyurethane floor sealant for application to concrete, wood, grano and composition flooring. Ideal for garages, workshops, warehouses etc. Very hardwearing meaning the system has a long working life and withstands daily use of stacker trucks, cars etc.

  • 2 pack chemically reacted system.
  • Excellent resistance to acids and alkalis.
  • Easy to clean surface.
  • 6 hour cure.
  • Full colour range.

The twin pack resin is easy to mix and can be applied by brush or roller. Covertect PC Floor Coating has a longer working life than most twin pack systems allowing easy application, especially to more difficult areas. Generally applied as a 2-3 coat system and is a self priming polyurethane coating, it is ideal for use as a coloured base in the Quattro Terrazzo Effect Flake System. The addition of fine aggregate or Plastorit also provides a wide range of textured and anti-skid surfaces.

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Weight 5 kg

Dark Grey, Mid Grey, Light Grey, Blue, Mid Blue, Green, Mid Green, Light Green, Yellow, Saftey Yellow, Orange, Red, Safety Red, Beige, Buff, Magnolia

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