Interlocking Rubber Tile

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Interlocking rubber tile for Gyms, Dog Exercise Areas, Swimming Pools & Play Areas. Also effectively used in Stable Barn Passageways.

A sister product of Quattro’s Sportsroll range, the Interlocking Rubber Tile holds the same properties and provides the same protection and durability.

  • Solid black rubber with 20% Coloured EPDM Fleck
  • Thickness: 10mm
  • Dimensions: 1m x 1m
  • Grey Fleck colour. Further colours upon request.
  • Can be bonded to the floor using our Superflex Membrane

The tiles are very durable against mechanical impact, weights & traffic. The areas are safe & sound deadened. A high material density provide toughness over & above standard flooring. The surface is kind on joints & ligaments & ideal for all forms of indoor sports. Safe for running, jumping, boxing & exercise. Interlocking Rubber Tiles will stand up to aggressive environments, ice skates, golf shoes etc. EPDM flecks provide a pleasing decorative effect.

The surface texture is superb for anti-slip, even in wet areas, around swimming pools etc. Due to the high wear, capability & safety aspects of Sportsroll products it can be used in a wide variety of applications, offices, passageways, showrooms, toilet facilities, canteens. Resin sealers can provide most of the quality found in epoxy & urethane screeds & they ensure a hygienic, easy to clean, anti-slip surface. You will also find these tiles excellent in most veterinary environments, MRI rooms, CT scanners, examination, operating theatres, holding pens, walkways, stables, dog and cat pens etc. Surfaces are suitable for shod horses.

This product range has the highest ‘R’ rating for slip resistance of the ‘R’ scale ‘R1’ is very slippery to ‘R13’ which very slip resistant.
8mm Sportsroll: Coefficient of friction 0.8 x 0.74 dry testing which equates to ‘R13’ the highest anti slip classification.

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