Premium Stable Mats

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18mm 4Mpa Supermat

22mm 4Mpa Supermat

25mm 4Mpa Comfort Mat

18mm 4Mpa Quattromat

22mm 5Mpa Diamond Mat

Our premium stable mats are the highest quality rubber mats you will find on the market and we use these for our bespoke fitting service.

These mats have the highest mpa (What does mpa mean?)

You will notice that Mpa is mentioned a lot next to our rubber matting. This is the Tensile Strength of the rubber.  The Tensile Strength is the force required to cause the rupture of a rubber material and is expressed in Megapascals (Mpa). Solid rubber with a higher Mpa reading indicates a better quality of material. Most stable mats in the UK are 2.5 to 3Mpa whereas Quattro’s are up to 6Mpa.

Due to ongoing issues with delivery of large stable mats on pallets to properties where no offloading is available we have decided to remove these mats from our online shop. We can offer better advice on the mats when speaking to or emailing our sales team direct plus we can make sure that the mats are delivered correctly.

Our selection of premium stable mats are in our new price list catalogue on the home page of our website.

Please call our sales team on 01768864977 or email as they can answer any questions you may have regarding stable mats, sizes and fitting


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18mm Supermat, 22mm Supermat, 18mm Quattromat, 22mm Diamond Mat, 28mm Rubber Comfort Mat, HD Quattrosoft Eva

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