Silage Pit Mats – 3 Types

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Quattro offer 3 different types of Silage Pit Mats; all of which are idea for silage and maize pits. They offer an environmentally friendly alternative to tyres.

Utility Mats:

  • 11mm in depth
  • 120cm x 180cm
  • 18kg
  • Smaller holes to prevent birds pecking in comparison to tyres

Hollow Mats:

  • 22mm thick
  • 1.5m x 1m
  • Budget friendly
  • 15kg
  • Size and weight makes them easy to work with yet highly effective

Hammertop Mats:

  • 12mm thick
  • 120cm x 180cm
  • Total protection from birds
  • 28kg
  • 3mpa density and solid rubber design

The design of Silage Pit Mats mean water runs off the mats with ease, resulting in less pools of stagnant water which can act as a breeding ground for infections. Made from 100% rubber you wont find metal or other fillers in the mats, which can contaminate feed or cause injury by piercing skin. The weight of the matting spreads evenly across the pit, moulding to shape, ensuring an air tight seal. It has been proven that this slows down decomposition, which helps reduce the volume of effluent.

Silage Pit Mats also eliminate waste yield, and reduce labour as they are larger than tyres so take less time to cover pits.


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12mm rubber mat, Utility Mat, Hollowmat

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