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Supermats are our premium and most popular mat for horse stables, cow cubicles and other animal enclosures.


  • SIZE: 1.8m x 1.2m (6ft x 4ft)
  • THICKNESSES: 18mm & 22mm
  • COLOUR: Black Only
  • Easy to clean
  • Great for insulation and sound deadening

Available in thicknesses of 18mm & 22mm and used in our Bonded & Joint Sealed system. Supermats are a very robust heavy duty rubber  mat with a tensile strength of 4Mpa which makes them denser than any standard stable mats that are available. What is Mpa? Mpa is mentioned a lot next to our rubber matting. This is the Tensile Strength of the rubber.  The Tensile Strength is the force required to cause the rupture of a rubber material and is expressed in Megapascals (Mpa). Solid rubber with a higher Mpa reading indicates a better quality of material. Most stable mats in the UK are 2.5 to 3Mpa whereas Quattro’s are up to 6Mpa.

The mats have a low profile ’Hammered’ pattern on one side and a shallow grooved pattern on the other, and can be fitted with either side to the top. This matting holds great insulation properties as well as being very easy to clean. The bonded and sealed system we offer means no urine or bedding can get underneath, so no lifting and moving of heavy matting.

Less bedding needed = Less Cost.

Due to ongoing issues with delivery of large stable mats on pallets to properties where no offloading is available we have decided to remove these mats from our online shop. We can offer better advice on the mats when speaking to or emailing our sales team direct plus we can make sure that the mats are delivered correctly.

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18mm (Young Stock), 22mm (Heavy Duty)

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