Feed Passages

Quattro supply and apply resin self levellers and coatings to cover feed passages to protect the concrete from silage chemical attack and also to resurface where concrete has already been attacked by the silage.

Our Q/Seal and Covertect PC coatings can be applied to concrete to prevent damage to the surface. Both coatings are highly chemical resistant and hard wearing. These coatings can also be applied to surfaces that are starting to erode to prevent them getting any worse.

Where concrete has eroded and requires a thicker surface our Q/Level epoxy self leveller can be applied to the concrete at 2mm thick. This gives a glass like chemical resistant surface in a number of different colours.

Our Q/Pol mixed with sand & cement and applied as a wet self levelling mix is an economical option if the concrete surface has quite a rough finish to it. The Q/Pol will level the surface and also act as a chemical resistant surface.


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