Parlour & Dairy Floors

Save money on the cost of cow casualties, performance and vet’s bills with anti-skid rubber flooring in your parlour. Quattro’s experienced team of fitters will cut and mechanically fix the rubber mats to your parlour and collecting yard.

We have three types of mat available for use on Farms from our most heavy duty 22mm thick Interlocking Diamond Beast Mat which is manufactured at a very high tensile strength of 8Mpa to the 22mm thick Straight Edged Diamond Mats at a tensile strength of 5Mpa plus the 18mm thick interlocking 6Mpa Grip Top Tile

The Beast Mat can also be water jet cut to fit Rotary Parlour Platforms so they are ready to just drop in to place and fix.

For the Parlour Pit we supply and also fit our Parloursoft Tiles which come in three thicknesses and four colours.

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