Stable Barn Floors

There are so many different types of rubber mats available for stables that it can be difficult to know which is best for you. Most suppliers only carry a few different types of rubber mats this can lead to people to purchase rubber stable mats only to find that they are unsuitable for their own situation, some wear too quick, some spread & curl, some hold moisture and urine, others can’t be sealed or bonded.

Because Quattro supply such a wide range of rubber stable matting we feel confident that we will have the correct product for your use and the size of your horse.

You will notice on our website that “Mpa” is mentioned a lot next to our rubber matting. This is the Tensile Strength of the rubber. The Tensile Strength is the force required to cause the rupture of a rubber material and is expressed in Megapascals (Mpa). Solid rubber with a higher Mpa reading indicates a better quality of material. Most stable mats in the UK are 2.5 to 3Mpa whereas Quattro’s are up to 6Mpa with one mat at 8Mpa.

We also supply a full fitting service, we work all over the world fitting stables from a standard 12 x 12 stable to the biggest equine centres in the world, due to this and our experience within the equine world we feel we can offer you the best products and service.

Bonded & Sealed Stable Matting

Our most popular rubber stable flooring is the Bonded & Joint Sealed Matting originally developed by Quattro over 20 years ago and when installed by our trained fitters gives a fully sealed rubber floor that is hygienic, easy to clean and saves on bedding. The bonded & sealed mats are also perfect for washbays, solariums & passageways for grip and safety.

At Quattro we only use for the Bonded & Sealed Mat system our high density 18mm or 22mm Supermats, 18mm Quattromats, 22mm Diamond Mats or the ultimate in stable comfort our 25mm Rubber Comfort Mats all with a minimum tensile strength of 4Mpa to give you a fully sealed long lasting rubber surface.

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Flexscreed Stone Blend

We also offer a seamless rubber system, the high tensile Flexscreed® Stone Blend system is designed as an open rubber screed for parade rings, horse walks, yards, etc. It provides a seamless cushioned protective surface for horses riders and grooms.

Standard systems are black but colours can be introduced with EPDM rubber to provide more aesthetic appearances. Please click HERE for our EPDM rubber colour chart.

The Flexscreed Stone Blend gives a more colourful finish but can also be applied in black. This was recently installed in the winners enclosure at Ludlow Racecourse. Flexscreed Stone Blend is also ideal for Internal & External walkways.

The depth of Flexscreed® can be varied to suit the environment required. It can provide a competitively priced option to the heavier pre manufactured rubber tiles. Flexscreed® is ideal to provide difficult shapes and will deal with poor and uneven substrates without the requirement of a great deal of Groundwork’s.

Equine Sportsroll

Quattro’s Equine Sportsroll is an excellent choice for the floors of Stable Barn Passageways, Veterinary Areas and can also be fitted to Stable Walls.

Sportsroll is supplied and installed in thicknesses of 6mm & 10mm with 6mm for human use and 10mm for equine use. Sportsroll is very durable and gives an aesthetically pleasing finish that is easy to keep clean due to the flat surface but has also plenty of grip for horses.

Sportsroll can also be sealed with a clear resin sealer to make it even easier to clean where required.

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